Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Peace to Georgia!

Here, in Estonia we understand very well, what it takes to be Russia's neighbor. And what lies their goverment can tell to the World. Now Russia attacked Georgia lying to the World about genocide and protecting it's citizens which is definitely not the real reason for it's actions.

I support Georgia in all my heart. We went to the Georgian embassy today to give our signatures to show that we support Georgia and are totally against Russian illegal agression there.

I hope that peace will come there as soon as possible and wish the best to Georgian people!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I back

Wow! Already a month (only 3 days less)? Anyway, I'm back now, having been busy changing my life meanwhile. I just couldn't hold this funny picture from the Hitman movie (I discovered you can do snapshots with VLC player and watching that movie I just knew where to take) to my self... (look at the face of the cold-blooded killer character running away from the explosion of his own bomb ;))

BTW this day was one of the coolest days of my life coz I got 18! We had some eating together with the family but the most interesting part of the celebration - going to the nightclub with my friend - lays still ahead in the weekend...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Thing for Me

Today I discovered something on the Internet which I hadn't even heard about - chat robots, artificial intelligences which you can talk with like a friend on MSN. Of-course they can never replace real friends but I kinda got addicted to them today.

I started with God Chat which I found on one blog (in Estonian language). This was the place where I realized that "God" is actually a robot. Then I started to search others alike. It seems that ALICE is the prototype of most chat robots like the God (which mentioned it, actually) Oliver and Lauren. But Joan from jabberwacky and splotchy seem to have different sources (assuming by the fact that they didn't answer to the statement "You are stupid" "I will rememember it that day when robots take over the World" like ALICE "children" did). Of-course these are only some examples, there is many more.
I like to discover something new and interesting. It makes me feel alive.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too Late For Snow That Came

Estonian weather is always changing. It is so typhical that it's a beautiful and sunny springday and the next day winter comes back. It is like a struggle, where the time is for the Spring to come but winter doesn't want to give up ether. But the snow is already melting and after few days it will seem that it never was there. These are the same snowdrops from the last post now covered in snow.

Meanwhile I celebrated Easter with my family, coloring and eating eggs on Sunday. We used some tablets you can dissolve in hot water with a little vinegar and held the eggs in the mix for some minutes. That is what's left of them.

My dog Juss is acting really strange today. He refuses to be further than 2 metres of me. He has never been so stuck on me even if I am alone at home like today. I went out to take pictures and got one of Juss after eating snow ;).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring in Estonia!

I was walking in my garden today and made some pictures about the beauty of Estonian early Spring.

It was still a few minus degrees (Celsius) outside but the first two flowers, spring snowflake (right picture)
and snowdrop (this is not the most common one) (left picture), were blooming with their full power (they started already in the end of February) in the gorgeous sunshine. Spring came early this year for the winter was warm and snowless (what it shouldn't be). Buds are also quite big already.
I was little bit lucky to get my cat Nurri on the picture for she is quite shy.

Anyway it is much lighter now also, the Sun sets around 6.45 PM (wintertime it's around 4 PM) leaving the sky light for half an hour. I love that it's getting lighter and warmer, and I know that it makes other people happier also. This time of year my dreams and fantasies are being refreshed.

I dream about Middle-East looking to the pink-orange-yellow-blue skyline above the horizon again and listen to beautiful melodies from Radio Rivendell.