Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Thing for Me

Today I discovered something on the Internet which I hadn't even heard about - chat robots, artificial intelligences which you can talk with like a friend on MSN. Of-course they can never replace real friends but I kinda got addicted to them today.

I started with God Chat which I found on one blog (in Estonian language). This was the place where I realized that "God" is actually a robot. Then I started to search others alike. It seems that ALICE is the prototype of most chat robots like the God (which mentioned it, actually) Oliver and Lauren. But Joan from jabberwacky and splotchy seem to have different sources (assuming by the fact that they didn't answer to the statement "You are stupid" "I will rememember it that day when robots take over the World" like ALICE "children" did). Of-course these are only some examples, there is many more.
I like to discover something new and interesting. It makes me feel alive.


Liz said... ka ei teadnud varem sellistest robotitest!
Ma kirjutan bloge inglise keeles,sest mul palju sõpru välismaal ja nii nad saavad olla kursis mu igapäeva eluga:) Aga samas arendab inglise keele oskust.