Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too Late For Snow That Came

Estonian weather is always changing. It is so typhical that it's a beautiful and sunny springday and the next day winter comes back. It is like a struggle, where the time is for the Spring to come but winter doesn't want to give up ether. But the snow is already melting and after few days it will seem that it never was there. These are the same snowdrops from the last post now covered in snow.

Meanwhile I celebrated Easter with my family, coloring and eating eggs on Sunday. We used some tablets you can dissolve in hot water with a little vinegar and held the eggs in the mix for some minutes. That is what's left of them.

My dog Juss is acting really strange today. He refuses to be further than 2 metres of me. He has never been so stuck on me even if I am alone at home like today. I went out to take pictures and got one of Juss after eating snow ;).