Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring in Estonia!

I was walking in my garden today and made some pictures about the beauty of Estonian early Spring.

It was still a few minus degrees (Celsius) outside but the first two flowers, spring snowflake (right picture)
and snowdrop (this is not the most common one) (left picture), were blooming with their full power (they started already in the end of February) in the gorgeous sunshine. Spring came early this year for the winter was warm and snowless (what it shouldn't be). Buds are also quite big already.
I was little bit lucky to get my cat Nurri on the picture for she is quite shy.

Anyway it is much lighter now also, the Sun sets around 6.45 PM (wintertime it's around 4 PM) leaving the sky light for half an hour. I love that it's getting lighter and warmer, and I know that it makes other people happier also. This time of year my dreams and fantasies are being refreshed.

I dream about Middle-East looking to the pink-orange-yellow-blue skyline above the horizon again and listen to beautiful melodies from Radio Rivendell.


Miguel Rachid said...

heey chahhabi, it's miguel, from the blog that you loved the picture (can call me mike)

i'm glad you liked, it describes well the felling of sadness, empytness, and so on; you pictures and posts are great too ;)

dued8jam said...

what a cute and cuddly cat you have there my friend;). Is her name Karvapall??

Keep on posting more photos coz I'll be checking your site more often. cheers!!- judy

Chahhabi said...

Thank you for answering!
Actually, I even did't expect that anyone answers my comments.

I was a little mistaken for the cat is not Karvapall but other cat Nurri (I got four of them and they are quite similar). I will fix that one.

I tend to write little rarely because if I don't have so much inspiration I don't want to. But I try to pull myself together.
With love, Chahhabi.